Mark Noldy


Long time, no post…

Just a quick update… Summer break is fully underway. Andi’s graduation party was over the weekend. So guess what? I got my 500 words in today! I spent most of the day story planning, and I’ll have many more words tomorrow. Now I know exactly what happens, and I just have to fill in the blanks. I made this pledge […]

Finding Time… Again

At long last, I am finding some writing time. Winter sports are over. The spring yard work is done. I see light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to Jon Acuff for talking about life seasons. I am less frantic about my perceived lack of flow time, though I am learning to fill the margins. The situation must not […]

New World-Building App

Back on March 10, I received an email. The subject was Kickstarter Update #36: StoryShop. Since I regularly listen to the Self Publishing Podcast, I was aware that the app was getting closer to going operational. So I decided to finally read the email yesterday. After all, I originally supported this project in November 2015 with a projected completion date […]

Zero Fiction this Week

Andi’s basketball team (Sayre Redskins) won the PIAA District IV championship on March 2, 2017. They won in exciting fashion with a 2-point overtime win, 38-36. These girls usually score 50+ points, so I was a nervous wreck the whole game. They did not lead until the final minutes of regulation play. The East Juniata team tied it up, and we […]

1000 Words Is Better Than None — for now.

After writing only 1000 words the entire week, I felt a little deflated… that is, until I considered all the awesome things going on in my life. My youngest is starting softball this spring for the first time ever, so I have had fun spending extra time playing catch and showing her how to grip and swing a softball bat. […]