Mark Noldy


Zero Fiction this Week

Andi’s basketball team (Sayre Redskins) won the PIAA District IV championship on March 2, 2017. They won in exciting fashion with a 2-point overtime win, 38-36. These girls usually score 50+ points, so I was a nervous wreck the whole game. They did not lead until the final minutes of regulation play. The East Juniata team tied it up, and we […]

1000 Words Is Better Than None — for now.

After writing only 1000 words the entire week, I felt a little deflated… that is, until I considered all the awesome things going on in my life. My youngest is starting softball this spring for the first time ever, so I have had fun spending extra time playing catch and showing her how to grip and swing a softball bat. […]

Down, But Not Out

I have been down with the “tenth grade plague.” For about the past 2 weeks, I have not gotten up at my usual 3:30 am to exercise and write. I even missed a day of work at the beginning of this upper respiratory bug, which is unusual for me. After two weeks of some needed rest, I am back to […]

Learning to Write in Fits and Starts

I am training myself to write in the time gaps of my typically choppy weekday schedule. The issue for me has not been a lack of total hours, but rather a lack of consecutive hours. My 2017 goal is to learn to play the hand I’ve been dealt and write as much as possible in spite of being sporadically busy. […]

Learning to Write Fast

I just read a blog post about writing faster. I read that one of the biggest things to overcome is the urge to compulsively edit on the fly. (You mean, I’m not crazy?) In any event, I think this is the reason I have not yet finished my “Samaritan” project. I’m trying to make it perfect after one writing. Actually, I […]