Mark Noldy



I love Realm and Sands’s inquisitive fiction, although I haven’t ruled out writing nonfiction content, maybe even using a pen name. As a writer, it is more interesting to have different genre stories in the hopper as well as some nonfiction projects. I am writing my first indie novel, so I will focus on that for now.

My reading preference is as eclectic as my music taste. Depending on my mood, I can listen to most types of music, even rap. Similarly, although I prefer science fiction (Yesterday’s Gone), I also enjoy:

  • dystopian (The Hunger Games),
  • true crime (Echoes in the Darkness),
  • legal/political thrillers (e.g., The 500),
  • vampire (Interview with the Vampire), and even
  • nonfiction (The Bell Curve).

I have a feeling that as my writing habits develop, my genre preferences will be characteristic of my music listening and reading preferences.