Mark Noldy


Building my Funnel

After reading this article, I have decided not to publish a stand-alone novel as my first book. Rather, I am crafting a three-book series — a trilogy. In order to hit the ground running, people who know more than me suggest the trilogy for the simple reason that it lends itself to designing a better product funnel.

Recapping Step #5 from Sean’s article

Book 1 will be a free book. By removing any reason NOT to give it a read, more readers enter the “funnel.”

If Book 1 is good enough, readers will want to read Book 2. They will may either buy Book 2 or join my email list to get it free.

Book 3 will be a paid product for the readers who absolutely loved the first two books.

Now what?

Bad news? “Samaritan” is finished and needs to go to an editor, but still won’t be published until I have more books in my catalog.

Good news? I will get to develop what I believe is a more interesting story treatment with “Forever.” I have also done my research on fiction, and this seems a better fit for current readers.

However, in order to come up with three books, I will have to put my thinking cap on. I am using to build the Forever world. Beats being done on Scrivener.

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