Mark Noldy


Finding Time… Again

At long last, I am finding some writing time. Winter sports are over. The spring yard work is done. I see light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to Jon Acuff for talking about life seasons. I am less frantic about my perceived lack of flow time, though I am learning to fill the margins.

The situation must not be unique. After all, I am seeing bloggers offering freebies (to ultimately sign up for courses, no doubt) for busy people who want to write a book. From ebooks about writing a book in your spare time to online courses on writing in the margins, this problem must be resonating far and wide.

Ultimately, I think many people fail to write for fear of their idea or story not being good enough. Or perhaps, they have no ideas; they just want to write books. Trust me, I have questioned whether I am in the latter. But listening to podcasts and ebooks while jogging has led me to believe that I (we-whole family) are flat-out busy people.

The book I’d like to see is how to write in your spare time even when you’re physically and emotionally sapped by the first 16 hours of your day! Alas, summer is coming. As long as I don’t have new courses to design (again) for next school year, I may be able to spend my summer finishing Samaritan and starting Forever and maybe even my genetic thriller.

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