Mark Noldy


Hello again!

This is the first post of my rebranded website. Previously, was a menagerie of my musings, but I have decided to focus more on my writing. Last year, I restarted Jeff Goins‘s Tribe Writers course… for like the fifth time! However, I recently made some changes in my schedule that have enabled me to do even more writing.

I have reorganized my daily schedule. The most significant change I made was to set my alarm earlier for 3:30 am. (I was previously writing from 4 to 5 am.) I n0w hit the gym by 4:45 am. But during that hour and 15 minutes, I continue my 500-word morning writing habit! So my Good Samaritan project will get finished… PERIOD.

I also plan to blog more regularly. (Tribe Theme is a help with that.) They will be shorter, and I am aiming for Mondays.

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