Mark Noldy


Learning to Write Fast

I just read a blog post about writing faster. I read that one of the biggest things to overcome is the urge to compulsively edit on the fly. (You mean, I’m not crazy?) In any event, I think this is the reason I have not yet finished my “Samaritan” project. I’m trying to make it perfect after one writing.

Actually, I should know better. As a high school math teacher, I am always telling students that they should not expect to be perfect at a skill right after being introduced. For example, integration by parts takes a lot practice to develop a “knack” for which function to use as the u and which to use as the v. (Sorry, nerdiness done.)

So I’ve decided to take my own advice. My goal is to speed up from 500 words a day to 1000 words a day on my project. Another realization? I will need to pony up for some quality editing to catch all the mistakes that I will be making as I spew words to hurry up and finish.

So the secret to writing fast may lie in resisting my temptation to self-edit on the fly…

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