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New World-Building App

Back on March 10, I received an email. The subject was Kickstarter Update #36: StoryShop. Since I regularly listen to the Self Publishing Podcast, I was aware that the app was getting closer to going operational. So I decided to finally read the email yesterday. After all, I originally supported this project in November 2015 with a projected completion date (back then) of April 2016.

Yesterday, I finally claimed my silver-level reward ($49-$98 – 8 months access) which ended up being a $99 value for the entire year! Leave it to Sean, Johnny and Dave to over-deliver on value. I only wish I’d have sponsored at the lifetime level! What a cool app! And I’ve only started tinkering.

The App appears to be functioning on a WordPress platform, so it is intuitive and easy to use for bloggers. In fact, I have already started creating my new Extropian world. The graphical user interface is much less intimidating than Scrivener (which is awesome software once you learn it).

Unfortunately, Chad Bolton (my Samaritan protagonist) will have to stay in jail a little while longer before Mr. Collins (Chad’s teacher) bails him out… I mean this both figuratively and literally. Chad may be stuck in “Act 2 Choice” for a while longer.

Since contracting the “tenth grade plague” about six weeks ago, I have written about struggling to get back into my Samaritan story world and feeling pulled into a new world that has been ruminating in Scrivener in the form of some elementary beats. The StoryShop App has helped me to decide to temporarily close the door on that story. (Will Samaritan be my Bialy Pimps?)

If you’re an aspiring indie author like me, check out StoryShop.

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