Mark Noldy


Scope creep…

While my writing has continued, I have also been learning how to podcast, create my own YouTube videos, and tweaking my online courses at PlanetNumeracy™ for the 2017-18 school year.

Managing many projects (while keeping up with my honey-do list) has forced me to prioritize. Planet Numeracy™ is getting the lion’s share of my attention, because it is most related my career, and hence source of income. While I long for the freedom being an entrepreneur offers, I understand that patience and baby steps lead to success. Putting the pieces in place while I take care of my family is a balancing act for sure. But I know it will pay future dividends.

The scope creep comes in with my loss of interest in “samaritan.” Although I have written steadily, I am intrigued by another story treatment about transhumanism/immortality that I have been working on in the story shop.

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