Mark Noldy


Why Am I an OCD Editor?

I read an awesome post on Michael Hyatt’s blog, “How to Successfully Self-Publish a Kindle eBook.” The first part of the writing process he calls the “Vomit Draft.” Getting all the words out on paper and tweaking in subsequent steps.

My problem? I have been compulsively tweaking as I go. It’s a terrible habit, I’m sure. I am so used to the repeated read aloud from all my grad level work, but those are mostly just 8- to 15-page papers. At first I was okay using a familiar process. But I have since found it very time-prohibitive with writing a novel. I have now read the same 10,000 words dozens of times. Now I am so tired of my short story that I am having trouble getting motivated to keep it going. How do Rand, King, and others write 1000-page novels?!

Compulsive editing isn’t a total waste, mind you. I’ve found story gaps, wrong character names, etc. As bored as I have made myself with compulsive edits, I am also excited to get it done.

Time to hustle some more…

Any advice on training myself to vomit words?

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