Mark Noldy


Zero Fiction this Week

Andi’s basketball team (Sayre Redskins) won the PIAA District IV championship on March 2, 2017. They won in exciting fashion with a 2-point overtime win, 38-36. These girls usually score 50+ points, so I was a nervous wreck the whole game. They did not lead until the final minutes of regulation play. The East Juniata team tied it up, and we went into OT. The girls played with a lot of heart. But that’s Sayre High School… the little school with the big heart. And the student fans played a huge part in the win. They showed a ton of school spirit, and it definitely affected the opponent.

The Redskins enter the PIAA State Championship Tournament with a 22-3 record. Thirty-one other teams from across the Commonwealth join them. The first game is March 10, 2017. Thank goodness, we only have to travel to Troy High School for the game against District II runner-up, Elk Lake.

In any event, it’s been a very busy, so the only writing I’ve done is My 500 Words on two days, and a blog post on my education website, Planet Numeracy. On the bright side, I did write. On the less bright side, I added no words (actually I added 32) to my Samaritan manuscript. While 2017 is supposed to me my “Produce” year, I must say it’s not off to a rollicking start. But my 10-week summer break is around the corner.

But for now, it’s always family first. Business second. Soon enough, our munchkins will be grown-up and on their own. Then we’ll miss them.

Whatever you’re doing today, share some love and wish the lady ‘skins some good luck for this Friday. Two wins, and they are guaranteed a medal!

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