An Unforeseen Benefit of Rising Early

Improved Diet?

benfrankearlytobedThe week starting Monday, Sept. 26 is my week of long-term rest. The program I follow (Max-OT) recommends a week of rest and recuperation every 8-12 weeks. After 8 straight weeks of heavy resistance training Monday through Friday, I am resting my joints and my mind. My goal is 12 weeks starting October 3. But since I just started back into the heavy lifting, I opted to play it safe. At my age, injuries take longer to recover from. As I reflect on the last 8 weeks, I have noticed that my diet has improved each week. My waist is over an inch smaller, and I am down 11 pounds from August 1. Here’s what I think is happening…

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Why I Rejoined the Gym

Even though I invested in home exercise equipment

There. I did it. On Monday, August 1, I signed up for a one-year hitch. At the local gym, that is. After much consternation with myself and much persuasion with my wife, my first week of workouts is in the books.


I had rejoined several months ago for a three-month stint, seldom going due to schedule conflicts. And that lame stint had come after a two-year hiatus from the gym. Here’s my thought process…

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The Lake Wobegon Effect

Time for a cup of reality?

NewsLakeWobegonIn a previous post, my research caused me to stumble across a radio show called A Prairie Home Companion. (Click here for their YouTube channel.) The News from Lake Wobegon is a weekly spot hosted by Garrison Keillor. Lake Wobegon is ostensibly a fictitious town in Minnesota that was the boyhood home of Keillor. At the end of his weekly report from Lake Wobegon, he always ends with “That’s the news from Lake Wobegon… where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.”

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