Happy Thanksgiving

Today, we practice the attitude of gratitude. But does it really take a national holiday to be thankful for all the blessings in our lives? In our fast forward lives, we sometimes take for granted the little things for which we ought to be thankful, today and every day.


I give thanks on this day, and every day, for the health and well being of my family, our home, our extended families, our awesome friends, and the Lord’s bounty we receive today. Have a blessed day!

What are you grateful for?

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Happy Veterans Day


myairforcedadFreedom isn’t free. Today we honor all those who have made the liberty we enjoy possible. If you like your freedom, thank a vet today and everyday.

Thanks Dad! Your service to this great nation is duly recognized by all freedom-loving Americans, especially by your family and your friends.


Middle America Doesn’t Care What Celebrities Think

Will there be a #CelebrityExit?

Now that the election is over, I suppose it’s okay for me to reveal my political leanings, even though my closest friends know that I am a conservative thinker and policy wonk. The truth is that I have been on the Trump Train since June 16, 2015. Besides being an educator, I am also a business person. And the swamp in D.C. clearly needs to be drained. It started with the defeat of the Clinton machine.


Now that the adrenaline has subsided, I awoke today feeling a sense of calm after Tuesday’s election results. Hillary’s merry band of useful idiots (her mentor Saul Alinksy’s words) hate Trump with a passion. But Trump won. Obama reminded us as Pelosi and Reid rammed the unconstitutional ACA down our throats, “Elections have consequences.” With a Republican House and Senate, a Trump administration will certainly be able to repeal the now defunct ObamaCare. #NoLegacy.

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Talent Is Overrated

The Real Secret to Learning Hard Topics (like math)

We all know individuals who do well in school, especially in “tough” subjects like math. Those who do exceptionally well with math topics are often put on a pedestal. As they should be. However, they ought not be hoisted onto the “uber-smart-guy” pedestal. While good students are often intelligent, it’s not the proper pedestal. This makes bad students into victims of a genetic lottery. No… There is something else that differentiates these top-achieving individuals.

On a Pedestal Concept bxp155991h

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